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  • Precautions for customizing non-standard automation equipment
  • Editor of this station:Hangzhou Yitie Precision Machinery Co., LtdDate of issue:2021-08-23 09:38 Number of Views:

At present, every enterprise is faced with the problem of high labor costs and employee turnover rate, resulting in the production of the product efficiency and quality can not keep up. And the waste of materials, the cost of rising. Therefore, the investment in automation equipment is the only way for the long-term development of enterprises. Using machines instead of labor, to solve the problem of labor and product efficiency and quality, which is no doubt can save a large amount of unnecessary expenses. But according to the different production requirements of enterprises and products, automation equipment also needs to be customized to better meet the production scale of enterprises. The customized automation equipment needs to pay attention to the following problems.

1. The first thing to know about the investment automation equipment whether can meet your demand, such as production, equipment investment, considering using the environment etc, also consider equipment ductibility, variability, the requirements of the production there will be changes, equipment also need to add or reduce function, based on the requirements to use longer.

2. Custom automation equipment, try to find big brand companies, equipment will be more expensive than ordinary company, of course, but large companies to accessories relatively high-end equipment, the equipment use period is longer, the efficiency and quality will be guaranteed, and the second is the after-sale fast response time, can give solution in the first time. So the brand benefits can be immediately shown. Of course, the research and development strength of larger companies is relatively strong, the service will be more in place.

3. The most concerned point is the efficiency of the equipment and the qualified rate of good products. Replacing people also means doing more detailed work, producing better products and working longer hours. These can be done in the past cases and cooperative customers to make a preliminary judgment, and then do the technical problems of the program.

So in the customization of equipment, first consider the problems of the company's own products, and then the strength of the supplier company, the former is OK, you can pay the most attention to the problem of the equipment itself. Shenzhen Heli mechanical and electrical equipment 14 years focus on making non-standard automation equipment production line, has a mature case and a strong R & D team. Provide professional suggestions and solutions according to the process requirements and equipment requirements of the cooperative enterprise.