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  • Principle, function and application of conductive slip ring
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Principle, function and application of conductive slip ring

First, the principle of conductive slip ring

That is, a 360-degree rotation requires the transmission of current and other signals, making it easy to wind. This problem can be solved by using conductive sliding, while ensuring that the current and signal are transmitted correctly.

Conductive slip ring is a precise power transmission device, which transmits electrical signals and electric energy between rotating member and rolling or folding member of fixed base by folding, electrostatic coupling or electromagnetic coupling of conductive ring. Conductive slip rings are also known as slip rings, collector rings or rotary joints, rotary electrical interfaces, industrial slip rings, collector rings, rotary rings, coils, commutators, adapters, conductive rings, brushes. This is a special type of rotatable connector for connecting a rotating body and transmitting energy and signal electricity.

The role of conductive slip ring

1. Conductive slip rings have been widely used in all electromechanical systems requiring unlimited, continuous, or intermittent 360 degree rotation and multi-channel rotation of power, data, and signals

2. The conductive slip ring greatly simplifies the system structure and avoids the sprain when the conductor rotates

3 conductive slip ring can accurately transmit Ethernet, universal serial bus, universal serial bus, universal serial bus, fire wire, servo motor signal, encoder signal, strain gauge signal, thermocouple and other signals.

3. Characteristics of conductive slip ring

1. Standard slip ring product specifications, advanced double gold rail contact Settings revised - long life, high protection, maintenance free

2. Small appearance, compact, light weight, easy installation

3, smooth operation, low torque, very low electrical noise, low contact resistance, no friction

4. Multi-contact, multi-channel number (more than 500 channels customized), multi-signal transmission

5. High speed (10000 RPM), high voltage, high protection level, high speed data transmission and extremely high product accuracy

6. Optical fiber electrical combination, air pressure system combination, electric slip ring and high frequency rotary joint combination, etc.

4. Application field of conductive slip ring

1. Development and provision of energy conversion equipment, including all kinds of power equipment for converting thermal, chemical, atomic, electrical, fluid pressure and natural mechanical energy into mechanical energy suitable for application and energy conversion equipment for converting mechanical energy into other necessary energy. 2. Develop and provide machinery for the production of a wide range of products, including agricultural, forestry, animal husbandry, fishing and mining machinery, heavy and light industrial machinery of all kinds.

3, the development and supply of mobile transport machinery, transport machinery, medical machinery, office machinery, ventilation, heating and air conditioning equipment, dust removal, purification and noise elimination and other service machinery.

4. Develop and provide machinery for household and personal life, such as washing machines, refrigerators, time calibration, cameras, sports equipment and entertainment equipment.