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  • Do you really know anything about non-standard mechanical design? Non-standard mechanical parts customization
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Features of non-standard mechanical design services:

1. Focus on the principles of standardization, modularity and simplification of design.

2. After the design is completed, product renderings in BMP and JPG format can be exported for editing product information and making product advertisements.

3. All two-dimensional structure drawings are automatically generated by the computer according to the three-dimensional digital model, ensuring the accuracy of view and size, and ensuring the harmony and unity of drawing quality and work efficiency.

4. All 3D design software such as CAD and Pro/E are used to design products. The volume, weight and center of gravity of the component can be generated, which provides a reliable basis for relevant design and subsequent processing.

Non-standard mechanical design field

Mechanical design is designed and manufactured only according to the given scheme and object. Rather than standard mechanical design is different, it is to innovate, non-standard mechanical design is no reference to design and production. Non-standard products can not be replaced, but can slowly improve gradually become people began to standardize the product.

Non-standard mechanical design advantages

It can not only improve quality, but also improve efficiency and ensure production safety. So there is no dispute that it has brought good news to the enterprise. Non-standard mechanical design is customized according to the needs of the product, can improve the quality of the product can be completed once a variety of complex labeling, greatly improve the work efficiency, one person can operate, reduce the station, save labor costs, simple operation, operators only need to put the product into the equipment. Just press the start button. Can ensure the processing accuracy, followed by the loading and unloading convenient, accurate, fast.

Non-standard machinery design prospects

The prospect of non-standard mechanical design has always been good, manufacturing technology progress is inseparable from non-standard design work, in the enterprise, it is the blood of the enterprise, in the society, it is the pioneer of technical progress. Simply say that the non-standard mechanical design is the design of non-standard equipment and non-standard parts, non-standard tooling.

In the machinery industry, mechanical design is especially important. So what is the main job of the non-standard automation designer?

If you do these 8 points well, then you can become a qualified non-standard automation designer!

1. Sort out the data: understand all the specific details of the original production process in detail, as well as the existing capacity, labor quantity, quality, process, raw and auxiliary materials, etc.

2. Demand analysis: to understand the main objectives and requirements to be achieved from the customer's supervisor;

3. Confirm the plan: according to the above two basic conditions, combined with alternative conditions, put forward a preliminary feasibility plan and deliver it to the customer for confirmation;

4. Parameter verification: according to the requirements of customers for production capacity, design the work step of the whole process, and check and confirm the functions of the automation parts selected;

5, make a reasonable design: after the completion of the above work, you can carry out the design of the general assembly sketch, into the routine mechanical design workflow. At the same time, electrical engineers and programmers, according to the overall implementation plan and work step flow chart, electrical schematic diagram and program control software design, compilation work;

6. Audit and customer confirmation: after the completion of mechanical design, external procurement of automatic components, mechanical processing parts, electrical drawings and program control drawings, after the standard audit and customer reconfirmation, the manufacturing, assembly and debugging work can be carried out, after the completion of the trial operation phase;

7, site commissioning: through trial operation and testing, in can meet the design requirements and can achieve customer requirements, can be carried out to the customer site installation, commissioning stage. Until the whole project is completed.

The above seven main aspects of the work is a non-standard automation personnel basic operation, must be carried out in strict accordance with the work specification. Only in this way can you develop better in the company and get more appreciation from the boss.