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  • What is the conductive slip ring used for
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Conductive slip ring is a component of conductive slip ring, also known as collector ring, or rotary joint, rotary electrical interface, slip ring, collector ring, return ring, coil, commutator, adapter. In the face of this a lot of professional vocabulary, many friends will feel very strange, difficult to understand, then, conductive slip ring is to do what? Many small partners may not be very clear, today Xiaobian to share with you, in order to better use the slip ring!

Conductive slip ring belongs to the application field of electric contact sliding connection. It is a kind of image, data signal and power transmission that can realize two kinds of relative rotation mechanism.

Simply put, conductive slip ring is a device used to transfer current, signals and video. It can conduct electricity or transmit signals by rotating 360 degrees by brushing the wire and contacting the ring body. One end is fixed and the other end rotates with the equipment. Its appearance can enable the equipment to rotate 360 degrees and prevent the winding wire from being twisted, the equipment can significantly improve the performance after the use of conductive slip ring.

Conductive slip ring is the product of the demand in the process of modern industrial development. In many industrial automatic system control, conductive slip ring is needed, such as wind power, security, medical, military and so on.

Conductive slip rings are mostly used in high-end industrial electrical equipment or precision electronic equipment with multi-function, high performance, high precision and multiple continuous rotating motion, such as: Aerospace equipment, radar, communications equipment, medical equipment, automatic processing equipment, metallurgical equipment, mining equipment, cable equipment, amusement equipment, display equipment, smart cameras, chemical reaction kettle, crystal furnace, wire winding machine, robot, mechanical arm, windmills, shield machine, revolving door, measuring instrument, model aircraft, special vehicles, special ships, etc. Slip ring provides reliable energy and signal transmission scheme for these electromechanical equipment to realize complex motion.