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  • How to choose the right type of conductive slip ring
  • Editor of this station:Hangzhou Yitie Precision Machinery Co., LtdDate of issue:2020-12-04 17:58 Number of Views:

1, according to the customer to provide the equipment to determine the installation method, is the flange installation or through the hole installation. Flange installation is the plane installation, usually used in the plane installation hole of the customer equipment, can choose the outer flange fixed, the internal shaft rotation, or the flange hole and the customer equipment connected and driven by the equipment rotation, the internal shaft fixed; Through hole conductive slip ring is usually used in the customer's equipment with a rotating shaft. We will design the through hole conductive slip ring to be connected with the rotating shaft and driven by the rotating shaft to rotate internally. The external fixation is fixed by a rotary stop plate.

2. When determining the installation mode of the customer, we will determine the size of the conductive slip ring according to other parameters provided by the customer, such as: the number of ways, the size of the current, the height of the voltage, whether the signal is a special signal. The more the number of ways, the greater the current, the higher the voltage, the larger the volume will be, the production process of the conductive slip ring needs to be more precise; Due to the limitation of volume, the number of paths of the conductive slip ring has a certain upper limit. If the volume is larger, the number of paths can be safely transmitted. And it's a little bit different than transmitting a signal or an electric current; Some special signals, such as acoustic, optical or electrical signals, have low message intensity. These signals are small and weak, and cannot be easily received, felt or received by the device. In this case, we can not use the ordinary design, need to be tailored to the characteristics of weak signals, so as to ensure the stability of signal transmission, timely reception;

3, rotational speed, we all know that in any equipment in the process of rotation, will produce a kind of centrifugal force, the centrifugal force beyond a certain range, the product is a lot of damage in the process of rotating, conductive slip ring is also, inside the conductive slip ring wear and produce the powder production, in the interior of the conductive slip ring is not clear in time will result in fluctuation of conductive slip ring will be bigger, Insulation performance will be affected, more serious will affect the normal use of equipment. Therefore, it is very necessary to help customers understand and determine the required maximum speed requirements. We will carry out special design for high-speed products to ensure that the conductive slip ring products can also be used normally at the highest speed.

4, with conductive slip ring is more and more widely used, the use environment is also more diversified, at the beginning of the design should be put to use environment is an important factor to consider, at the same time of asking customers to use environment, also need the storage temperature must be considered, such as need some protection on conductive slip ring, we will be reflected in the product design, Ensure that the use of the conductive slip ring will not be affected by external influences.

It is very important to choose the right type of conductive slip ring, which has an extremely important impact on customers' cost estimation and product competitiveness. Therefore, when we help customers choose the type of conductive slip ring, we need to take into account the feasibility, reliability of conductive slip ring products, cost of conductive slip ring products and other factors.